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We have stood up a new instance of the Unabridged modpack. Details for approved users available under the resources tab.

This is a ha-uge modpack normally found on the AT Launcher, but we have added veinminer to it, so you will probably want to use our launcher on Technic. 

You have to submit an application and be approved at MK to play on this modded server.

Good luck and happy mining!

-Skout & Kmart-


lordskout A posted Jul 7, 16

Hi gang,

The transition to the new server went about as smooth as one could hope. After a few tricky hurdles, we are up and running on a new OS and hardware. 

Some developments along the way:

Our Infinity Evolved Skyblock [MKS] server instance is updated to the Recommended version on the FTB Launcher. This is an unofficial instance, without a special spawn developed. For details on this server, registered users should visit the Resources tab. 

I have also established an instance of the Block19 modpack, based on Minecraft 1.9.4. This modpack is available on the ATLauncher. Details for accessing the instance are available under the Resources tab.

EDIT: Block19 was fun, but we had to put it down. Hopefully it will resurface again with maturity.

I have not yet set up a 1.10 vanilla server, but that is coming in the [near] future. If anyone is interested in this, I can make it more of a priority.


lordskout A I just want to note to everyone that the Block19 server is an alpha modpack and is definitely showing signs of it being ...

Time for a change

lordskout A posted Jul 4, 16

Hi gang,

It's been a very quiet time here at Modern Kingdom of late, as the world of 1.7.10 modded Minecraft finally wore out its welcome and we all found other things to do with our time.

There are signs of life now in the mod wilderness, and I can promise you some goodness to come. 1.9.4 packs are out there, and even 1.10.x packs are being whispered about in the dark corners of the internet.

Before we go venturing off into these brave new worlds though, it's time for us to move to a new server. This should not impact anyone in any way outside of some minor periods of downtime, but I should be able to do most of this without any of you being any the wiser. 

I have done a lot of work already. The new server has been up and running for a few weeks already, and many of the services are configured and waiting. I even managed to transfer most of our data over so that the next transfer will take that much less time.

But... alas, there's always the chance that I'll pick a window that someone wants to play in, or that something will go wrong (as it surely will after a post like this!) so here is my fair warning: there may be outages in the next 48 hours as I begin migrating things over to our new server. 

In addition to this warning, I shall also offer hope: I am planning to launch a few new instances shortly after the server switch, and I'm interested in hearing if anyone has any packs that they are currently interested in trying out.

While it is actually still 1.7.10, I am currently interested in Space Astronomy, and I'm hoping we can build a special event out of it very soon.

I'm also interested in trying the Block19 modpack currently found on the ATLauncher.


Grizzles777 YESSSSS very excited at this news! I've been itching for this lately....

UPDATE: Server is back up, thanks to his Skoutliness.  We had to do some scary things to the Calculator mod, so be forewarned that, if you had things from that mod, some may be missing.  But hopefully not too many.  The mod is still there, but it wasn't always there...  :)


Starting tonight, 3/17, the Modern Kingdom Resonance server is down.  We are still sorting out a solution, but it likely will not be resolved until tomorrow.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will update here when the issue is resolved!

For the 1.9 curious...

lordskout A posted Feb 29, 16

As many of you know, Mojang released 1.9 of Minecraft today. While it's safe to say that we won't be using it for our servers anytime soon, I have a habit of throwing up a down and dirty version of the new vanilla versions up, and this is no exception.

If you're interested in tinkering around in it, join in at 

Bear in mind that this is not a "real" server. There are no plugins. There is no protection. There are no mods. There is no spawn. 

Expect nothing. 

Enjoy or ignore as you choose.